Safe & Ethical

  • Patient free environment
  • Ability to experiment and learn from mistakes without risk
  • Immediate feedback
  • Multiple procedures in one place


  • Various skill programmes
  • Learn new techniques and share ideas
  • Learn use of new products and A chance to practice with equipment and tools in a more composed low pressure setting
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Team learning and a fantastic team building opportunity (nurse support)
  • Delegates can interact with the tutor and discuss past experiences, they can ask questions and can receive immediate feedback during the Wetlab.
  • Time compression
  • A better anatomical understanding of the heart
  • A great opportunity to truly develop a delegate’s skills and knowledge.
  • Builds your training portfolio

Commercial Use

  • Opportunity to demonstrate hands on
  • Friendly low pressure atmosphere
  • Delegates want to use and learn about your product
  • Immediate feedback on your product
  • Proof of education commitment
  • Easy to demonstrate positive aspects
  • Inexpensive
  • High perceived value
  • Effective
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Memorable event
  • Product evaluation
  • Seminar event highlight
  • Prototype production 


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Wetlab Around the Globe

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Who do we benefit?

  1. The delegate, we also want the delegate to be the best that they can be through our hands on training.
  2. The Consultant, we understand that Consultants have to provide a certain amount of training and it is often difficult to find the time to fit it in, so Wetlab aim to make the process of organising and providing an event as easy and as stress free as possible.
  3. The Industry, Wetlab work very closely with the medical industries to provide this service. We can provide Wetlabs on new products and let the surgeons try them out first hand.
  4. The patient, we want them to get the best treatment possible, this is achieved through a higher quality of training for surgeons.

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