Frequently Asked Questions

What do Wetlab supply at an event?

We provide all the equipment for instance Tables, covers, work stations,Instruments, Aprons,Gloves, lamps, Sutures etc and the tissue required to stage a WETLAB.  However if you require something in addition that is not listed as standard, please ask and we will do our utmost to provide it.

How much space do we need?

This is dependant on the number of delegates. On average each workstation (two delegates) takes 4'x2' plus the space to sit/stand and walk around. Any audio visual equipment required is in addition to this space. If you have an event in mind but don’t know if its suitable call us and we can discuss it in detail.

What level of competence do you recommend we attend?
All levels are covered. You choose the course and the standard.

How long does a WETLAB session last?
Most WETLABs are two to four hours, however you choose the length of meeting.

What tissue do you supply?
Please check the TISSUE SUPPLY area. Link  If you require anything else not listed, call us and we will do our utmost to arrange a supply. Most occasions porcine tissue is used however we can provide alternatives if required for religious purposes. Also note that all tissue is from ethical eec approved suppliers - we do not work with live animals

Do you make a mess?
We understand the sensitive nature of running a WETLAB in unusual venues. We clear everything away and leave things as we found them.

What about promoting the meeting?
If you need assistance with promotion we can assist. Our job is to make your event a success so we want to help!

Can we link a WETLAB to a seminar?
Yes, linking a WETLAB with a seminar is a natural progression and we can provide everything you need. Call us for more information.

Do we need to provide tutors?
Most clients provide their own Tutor /consultant. If you require a guest tutor/consultant please call us and we can provide contacts.

How many delegates?
Most WETLABs are for ten to twenty delegates but larger and smaller numbers can be accommodated.

How much does it cost?
Contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to discuss your needs and discuss the budget required.

Can you help with sponsorship?
we can help you to gain sponsorship assistance to run your meeting please contact us and we can investigate the possibilities.

What subjects can you cover in a WETLAB?
Since you are in charge of the meeting, you decide the subject and the level. Our job is to make it the best meeting ever.

How do I book a WETLAB meeting?
As availability is limited. Contact us now and tell us the dates you would like to hold a meeting, and on what subject.

We only have old tables to work on
Wetlab can supply folding O’Regan tables these use the principals of ironing boards. Delegates can then adjust the height of the work surface to be both comfortable and realistic.

What instruments do you supply?
The instruments depend on the Wetlab for instance for a cardiac valve Wetlab we supply tissue clamps , needle holder, metzembaum scissor, general surgical scissor nerve hook, forceps with and without tooth together with a selection of mosquito’s and scalpel.

Can I purchase surgical instruments etc?
Yes new are always happy to assist the setup of both individuals and hospitals Wetlab facilities.
Sets of instruments can be seen here. Other items you might be interested in are Disposable Wetlab Stations and extention boxes. We can also produce bespoke and custom surgical instruments and surgical intrument sets

Where can I get tissue from?
Wetlab -  Medmeat are able to supply virtually all types of medical grade tissue. For more information visit our tissue supply page

We want to set a permanent Wetlab facility in our hospital but where do we start?
Lots of organizations and hospitals want to establish small purpose built facilities however its often a minefield of problems. We are happy to assist you to plan and build the best facility possible showing creative effective solutions to situations and most importantly warning of situations that could arise later without the experience of Wetlab ltd   these problems reduce the effectiveness of the facility and eventually prove expensive to put right.

How can I show the superiority of my product to physicians?
What could be better than a hands on Wetlab where you don’t have to say anything if you don’t wish to.  If you show the user how to use your product they will see for themselves. And they will also tell others about your product.

I have an idea for a training aid
Wetlab constantly strives to produce better and more realistic training aids. Contact us in confidentiality and its possible that we could produce the aid possibly patenting the idea and jointly sharing the profit.

My fellow trainees and I want a Wetlab how do we start?
The first step is to talk to your consultant discuss your requirements and get them to contact us to discuss your requirements and the possibilities of sponsorship.

I want to produce a video showing my product in use can you help?
Yes we have a video production department and have produced many clinical and surgical training videos as well as product demonstration programmes.

Do you provide wetlabs outside the UK?
Yes we facilitate wet labs all over Europe and are happy to travel work world wide.

Can we hire just the equipment and instruments?
Yes Wetlab are happy to arrange to send you all the equipment that you need to provide your own training need, this is called Wetlab Remote. We can even send you the tissue too.

Why should I sponsor an event?
Wetlabs are memorable and enjoyable opportunity to demonstrate your product. Sponsoring an event also shows a commitment to education and delegates skills development.

We use your services every 3 months but my colleagues and I want more what do we do?
It's always nice to have people asking for more of what we do however for pure logistics what about setting up a permanent Wetlab facility in the hospital.

Look at the how to set up a Wetlab page link we are happy to assist in all aspects.

You can also purchase your own surgical instrument set from us and practice at home.

If you have any questions please contact us:

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