Wetlab Medical Tissue

Wetlab- Medmeat supplies various types of tissue to aid surgical simulation. The tissue we use at WETLAB is a bi-product derived from healthy animals which are intended for human consumption. Humanely slaughtered in EEC approved abattoirs in accordance with all EEC regulations.

Examples of tissue supplied are:-

Anal sphincters
Carotid arteries
Upper/Lower mandibles
Porcine Belly
Sheep chests

Most types of tissue are available and simulation/trainers are produced for your specific requirements.

If you have any questions please contact us: info@wetlab.co.uk


This is regulated by, The Animal by-products Regulations 2005 (Regulation EC no.142/2011)


Further Information on Tissue

An Animal by-product is any part of an Animal that is not intended for human consumption. There are various categories of by-product and some require special licenses from the Food Standards Agency. We will arrange any necessary authority at no extra cost to you! These can take a little time to organise. Please try to give us as much notice as possible for your orders.

Who can obtain Animal Tissue?

We are Registered Transporters of Animal by-products (Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency-Animal Health-AHVLA) Executive agency of DEFRA. As such, we are legally able to collect and deliver animal tissue for Medical/Education purposes. Your supplier must be registered, to comply with the Law.
The legislation allows for Medical/Education professionals to obtain such material for Educational purposes. (EEC Enforcement regulations Authority, D8.)
As such we have a duty of care to ensure you are a legitimate professional user.

What you must do to comply with the regulations!

Tell us who you are and where the material will be used.
We may need to verify that you are a professional user. (NHS, University, Doctors, Military e-mail address etc)
Confirm what you are using the material for.
You must agree to handle the material in accordance with good, hygienic Laboratory practice.
You must agree to dispose of the material by way of Clinical Waste/Incineration.
You must keep a record of Animal tissue obtained.

What you MUST NOT do!

The regulations are very specific, that as a professional user, you are legally responsible for handling and disposal of the material once it is transferred to your care.

Do not dispose in normal waste bins.
Do not feed to Animals or Humans!!
Do not allow access by Animals/Birds or vermin.

Do you want to know more?

You can read the specific extracts from the Regulations that give you access to Animal by-products here

What Animal by products are available?

Almost any UK food chain animals and a variety of Wild Animals.
We specialise in custom dissections and are happy to assist you in designing models to suit your needs.

How much does this cost?

We can give you a quick and easy quote. Some items are subject to seasonal market fluctuations.

Transport cost really depends on quantity of items and level of service required. This can range from a small packet from £10 next day delivery, up to our own range of refrigerated /insulated vehicles for large consignments.

We will always provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost!

Why choose Wetlab-Medmeat?

We have experienced Medical and Meat industry professionals on hand, to advise on the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your training goals. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your objectives and we will find you a solution!

With over 20 years continuous service we have the knowledge and ability to help with your needs!
Many of your Peer professionals have used our products. We frequently share best practise to further the quality of training for Medical and Surgical specialities.

We have built our business on reliability, quality and great value for money. You can trust us to deliver your order on time!

We will provide you with a personal and accountable service. We always aim to exceed your expectations.

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