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Item code: WLKTT1

Your proficiancy in tying effective knots is a cornerstone in your training and surgical career, constantly being tested and assesed, it is for this reason we created an affordable platform to practice these skills in your own time 

The Wetlab Ltd Knot Tying Trainer is a comprehensive board developed with students and trainees in mind. The trainer is lightweight and compact making practice accessible at all times.

This versatile unit features an elastic chord section with resistance for developing fundamental knot tying skills and an area to simulate throwing knots at depth down a hole, complete with a magnetic hook that gives the user tactile feedback when too much pressure is applied.

Perfectly designed to practice your one-handed and two-handed surgical knots, Instrument ties and more.


Each Knot Tying Trainer comes with suction cups on the underside to fasten it to a work surface and some chord to get started right away.