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Continuing on our drive to develop high quality, affordable simulation models, we are delighted to add The Wetlab Ltd Aortic Skills Simulator to our portfolio.

This set comes with:

1 x Wetlab Station

1 x Tilting Plates

2 x Sets of nuts and bolts

1x Artificial Aorta

The Aorta models are produced with a high quality silicone based material that has been tried, tested and loved as a fantastic alternative to real tissue.

The user gets the benefit of tissue in a Wetlab environment , being able to see instant feedback of your surgical skills but with the added benefit of being easily transportable, clean and free of cultural and clinical restrictions.


Our Aortic Skills simulators are perfect for those wanting to improve their knowledge and skills on the aortic valve and aorta.


Replacement artificial aortas can be purchased here