Item code: WL001

Also available for left handed users

The kit includes the following:

  • McIndoes forceps plain 
  • McIndoes forceps with tooth 
  • Lockwood tissue clamp 
  • Mosquito clamp 
  • Westcott scissors 
  • Gerald forceps 
  • Ring tip forceps
  • Mayo scissors 
  • Cheyne 
  • Nerve hook 
  • Skin hook 
  • Statinsky clamp 
  • Needle holder 
  • Castro needle holder 
  • Metzenbaum scissors 
  Length Details Material
McIndoes forceps plain  6 Inches Scratted tips Stainless Steel
McIndoes forceps with tooth  6 Inches Rat tooth jaws Stainless Steel
Lockwood tissue clamp      Stainless Steel
Mosquito clamp  5 Inches Seratted jaws, Finger ring handle Stainless Steel
Westcott scissors 4.5 Inches Double leaf spring Stainless Steel
Gerald forceps  7.25 Inches Fine long tips, Grooved grip Stainless Steel
Ring tip forceps 7 Inches Cross-serrated grip Japanese Stainless Steel
Mayo scissors  5.5 Inches Straight, Finger ring handle Stainless Steel
Cheyne  7.25 Inches Groove gripped handle Stainless Steel
Nerve hook 7.5 Inches 90 degree, smooth grip Stainless Steel
Skin hook    Smooth grip Stainless Steel
Statinsky clamp  5.5 Inches Micro toothed jaw, Finger ring handle Stainless Steel
Ryder needle holder  7 Inches Gold plated finger ring handle Stainless Steel, tungsten carbide insert jaws
Castro needle holder  7 Inches Fine jaws, double leaf spring. Cross-serrated grip Japanese Stainless Steel
Metzenbaum scissors  7 Inches Curved, Finger ring handle Stainless Steel


All instruments are CE approved and are presented in a black and red presentation case.

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